About Us

Located in Marlboro NY, we are making our love for the European Mount available to you.

We offer European Mounts of any type of animal. Custom Plaques and stands are available upon request. We also offer painting of the skulls by a local artist, this is a unique option and a great way to tastefully display your skull.

Prices: Whitetail Mounts $95.00

              Bear Mounts: $100.00

             Coyotes/Fox and other small game of this size: $75.00

              Other Mounts- Pricing upon Request.

              Wall Plaque: add $25.00 to price of mount.

              Pedestal / Table Stand (many different wood options available) : add $45.00 to Mount price.

              Custom Plaques and stands available - Pricing upon request.

              Painting of skulls- Pricing upon Request.

You can take $10.00 off the above prices, if you prep the animal yourself. Skin head, remove eyes and brains along with as much flesh as possible.

There will also be a $20.00 gag fee, for any animals which are not fresh or beginning to decay.

We will mount just about anything. Within Reason!

 We also accept shipped skulls, please cut off at the base of the animals neck. You can skin it down or leave the skin on. Make sure all animals are properly tagged! Please use the order form on this site and ship with the animal and see the bottom of the form for shipping recommendations. Email or call one of us and let us know what your sending, we'll talk to you about the payment.